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Books Without Covers (Episode 111)

“I’ve never been as open with someone as I am with you,” Isabeth said.

“Why is that, do you suppose?” Oliver asked.

“I trust you first of all. But I think it might be that you changed your eye color for me.”

“You are never going to get off that, are you?”

“Think about it from my point of view. Most women can’t get their men to change enough to even remember to put the toilet seat down. But you changed everything. You are nothing at all like that seventeen-year-old boy I met that first year in Grigori. To become a whole new person, now that’s what I call love.”

“What’s wrong with having brown eyes?”

“Nothing. I’ve never disliked a person because of that, but I’ve never been romantically attracted to someone with brown eyes. They were blue that day out in the snow, weren’t they?”

“They were blue that first night in Becky’s office when you told me and James what you wanted from us.”

“How did you know?”

“It was a joke at first, some way to mess with your head. I saw the way your eyes flickered back and forth between my brother and I, you knew something was off but couldn’t put your finger on it. Then our eyes met, a lump formed in my throat. Until you called me on it last week, they’ve been blue the entire time.”

“I love you.”

“And I love you.”

“It feels so good to say it out loud. I have been refusing to for so long. Sometimes I wish I still hadn’t. It makes me feel guilty. Knowing what I am and all.”

“So you’re dead. Big deal. We have loads of time together.”

“What is your idea of a perfect relationship?”


“So simple?”

What’s yours?” he returned the question.

“Have you seen those commercials where the woman says or does something sexy and seductive? They’re always in their underwear and he grabs her, kisses her, and they fall onto the bed laughing. That’s my idea of a perfect relationship. To be able to walk around in panties and an undershirt and not feel ashamed. Or feel like our love for each other was holding him back from having a gorgeous girlfriend. I’d be that gorgeous girlfriend.”

“You’re not trying to say you’re fat or ugly are you. Because you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.”

“Sure now! Here! With magic making me into Venus. In the real world you wouldn’t even notice I existed, except to make fun of me.”

“It can’t be that bad,” Oliver insisted.

“Do you think you love me enough to see me for who I really am?”

“Who you really are is what I see when I close my eyes. You are not just what is on the surface. I think it’s odd that you can find beauty in everything you see except yourself.”

“Do you want to see me or not, Oliver?”

“Show me.”

Isabeth got out of bed, still naked from their love making and stood in full light. Slowly she allowed the illusion to fade so Oliver could get the full impact of what she really was. From the knees down there was no change, just above the knees was a big fat roll that if any bigger it would have hung down. Her thighs increased so much that her feet were forced six inches further apart. Isabeth’s hips and butt widened on each side doubling their girth. Hips, butt and thighs dimpled all over with cellulite pockets. Her stomach bubbled out falling down to cover her privates, stretch marks from carrying her first child ran down the entire bulbous thing, some more than an inch wide. Her tits deflated and sagged against her stomach like half filled water balloons, her arms and shoulders plumped up to look like a male wrestler. Isabeth’s face was pretty much the same; the few changes were the addition of a double chin, puffy upper eyelids and dark, sunken semi circles under her eyes. Her eyes were now brown.

“You have brown eyes!” Oliver was shocked at this more than anything else.

“Most the time. They do become green when my mood is extreme, but nothing like they are here.”

“My feelings for you have not changed,” Oliver promised. “Let me make love to you as you are and prove it.”

“Not a chance in hell!” Isabeth almost yelled. “Just the thought of you touching me looking like this makes me want to purge. Just the thought of me looking like this is enough to make me want to invent a gun to shoot myself.”

Oliver climbed out of bed but before he reached her the illusion was back in place. “If you were so unhappy why didn’t you do something about it?

“I tried every diet that I found, even starvation. I bought every exercise video, joined a fitness club, took dance lessons. Nothing worked. Liposuction was my only option left. I was saving up for it when my end came. I guess I’ll get thin now as I slowly rot away.”

Oliver picked Isabeth up and carried her back to bed. He curled himself around her protectively. “Enough of that dead joke. It's getting creepy. But you were right.”

“About what?”

“I still loved you after seeing what you hide but only because I loved you first. If I had seen you in the real world, I would have dismissed you in seconds. But I promise you this, when I do go back, I will never disregard a woman on appearance. For she may be my soul mate, destined to love me there as you were destined to love me here.”
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