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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words (Episode 114) ~Written By Hadaka~

Hadaka was visiting Castle Rosenbaum to see Rukito when she saw a good looking man in the courtyard. She had never seen him before and wondered if he was a local visiting on business or just visiting. The man noticed her and waved. Hadaka hesitated and then waved back. What a friendly guy. The man walked toward her and Hadaka studied him.

“Hey Hadaka,” he said with a smile.

Hadaka's eyebrows shot up. That voice! No way! “Jason?”

Jason nodded.

“You look... different.”

Hadaka couldn't get her eyes off Jason M as he ran a hand through his short, brown wavy hair and told her he thought he'd try something different. Hadaka told him he looked good with short hair and she gave him a smile when he looked her way. Jason M asked what brought her to these parts and she told him she was just visiting Rukito. Jason M said he had nothing else to do and if he could walk with her as she looked for Rukito. Hadaka smiled and told him he could join her, but just as they were starting for the castle, Isabeth appeared; it was her time to visit the castle on her route. She looked from Hadaka to Jason M and raised an eyebrow. Hadaka waved at her and Isabeth motioned her over. Hadaka looked at Jason M and excused herself and Jason M gave her a smile knowing that Isabeth would steal her away the moment she arrived. He left with a wave and headed toward the castle while Hadaka walked toward Isabeth.

“Who was that?” Isabeth asked. “He's ugly.”

Hadaka raised her eyebrows a little. “I don't think he is.”

“So who is he?”

Hadaka smiled at Isabeth and told her to guess.

“I hope that's not really Dominic.”

Hadaka lowered her eyebrows in confusion. “No. What made you think it was?”

“Sorry, I was seeing things... He looks exactly like my first husband.”

Hadaka raised her eyebrows in surprise, and blinked a few times. “Well I think this ward looks good with short hair. Should I tell him you think he's ugly?”

Now it was Isabeth's turn to be surprised. He wasn't a local? “Who is he?”

Hadaka gave her a big smile. “Three guesses.”

“I'd have to see him again.” Hadaka held up her right hand with her index finger and thumb together, pretended like she was pulling down an imaginary shade, and a picture formed. She handed it to Isabeth who studied it. “Short hair??? That means I've seen him with long hair??? Hummmmmm. Let me look at him for a bit.”

Hadaka giggled as Isabeth studied the picture up close, far away, and at all angles. “Well he does look familiar, but I keep seeing Pat... First guess is Kristian Ayre?”

Hadaka shook her head.

Isabeth studied the picture more. “Oh my gosh! Is it Ben Foster??? Is that my baby brother???”

Hadaka burst into laughter. “No.”

“There is something about his mouth. I keep looking at it... Like I know that mouth, or like I should know that mouth.”

Hadaka snorted as she tried to hold in her laughter. “You have never kissed this man.”

“Doesn't mean I don't know the mouth... It's familiar.” Isabeth moved the picture around. “Cool. If I move the picture up so I can't see his angry eyes and just look at his mouth and nose, I think Orlando Bloom?” She looked at Hadaka. “Is it???”

“No way.”

“Well that was three...”

“It's Jason Mewes.”

Isabeth quickly looked at the picture again. “Really... Oh my fucking gosh.”

Hadaka burst into laughter.

“It doesn't look like him.” Isabeth studied the picture. “Well, now that you said it... it kind of does.” She looked back at Hadaka. “Does he have a girlfriend?”

“Dunno. Didn't ask.”

“Is he trying to impress a girl?”

Hadaka shrugged. “Dunno. Didn't ask.”

“Are you going to hook up with him?”

“Dunno. Didn't ask.” Hadaka gave Isabeth a sly smile.

Isabeth gave Hadaka a look that said if she said that line again she was going to hurt her. She asked Hadaka if she knew why Jason M had cut his hair, and to her relief Hadaka told her he had said he felt like trying something different.
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